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Sowetan Onesteps / Andy Compton

Andy Compton - Sowetan Onesteps


The latest from Bristol based house producer Andy Compton is an ode to South Africa and the bond he has built over the past five years. In recent years South Africa has emerged as one of the most beloved scenes for house music and their dance parties have been known to attract thousands. It was there in 2014 that Compton met Soweto percussionist Bonging and  Guitarist Shamrock. The trio proceeded to collaborate on several compositions and the result is "Sowetan Onesteps". The eleven track disc features Compton's signature lush production and sultry vocals layered over deep house grooves, Shamrock's guitar riffs and vocal scats adds new elements to tracks like "A Fathers Love" and "Chillin In The Ghetto". Bonging's conga playing evokes the spirit of South Africa and is felt throughout the disc. Vocal highlights include "Time" featuring Kenyan resident and vocalist Asali and "I Belong" features Celestine. This is another triumph for Compton. After thirty albums is still going strong and delivering tasty music.

Reg Dancy, 04/16