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Virgo Stellar / As Valet

As Valet - Virgo Stellar


Parisian Producer/beat maker As Valet, former member of the group Electric Conversation delivers a deep dish of soulful electronic grooves with "Virgo Stellar". Valet's abstract compositions underline his skill at cultivating an ecosystem of sublime electronica. Whether it's downtempo or infectious deep house, the result is a deep dish of musical goodness. "Come True" is a warm and mellow house gem that glides underneath the blissful vocals of former Electric Conversation member LaNote, who is featured throughout the disc. "Verite' Sur L'amour" has a deep and percolating beat that is augmented by the vocals of J.Mcfysian and LaNote. "Lab E Aint" is the lone instrumental and is a slice of heaven due in part to the sublime blending of electronica, wordless harmonies and atmospheric grooves. This is a terrific release from a producer who shamefully remains under the radar. This release should provide the shine he rightfully deserves.

Reg Dancy, 07/21