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Demos (1973-75) Volumes 1&2 / Azymuth

Azymuth - Demos (1973-75) Volumes 1&2

Far Out Recordings

"Demos Vol 1 & 2" are Azymuth releases taken from reel to reel and cassette recordings from 1973-75. These recordings took place at the late Jose Roberto Bertrami's home studio in Laranjeiras, Rio De Janeiro. When he shopped these demos to various labels around Brazil he was turned away. One listen and it's clear that this vibrant mix of samba, jazz and rock was free flowing fusion that was ahead of it's time. There are brillant performances featured right from the start with "Prefacio". This spirited tune is highlighted by Bertrami's fiery work on keys and Ivan "Mamao" Conti's intense drumming. "Laranjeiras" and "Equipe" are slow burning soulful funk tunes. They pick up the intensity once again on tracks like "Duro de Roer" and "Castelo". Alex Malheiros funky bass builds a steady groove for Bertrami and Conti to let loose. Credit producer Joe Davis for finally bringing this project to light. It's certainly their most experimental work that stands tall alongside their classic recordings.

Reg Dancy, 06/19