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My Last Album / Barton Think

Barton Think - My Last Album

Time Is The Enemy

The enigmatic Barton Think reveals very little about himself but his music is speaking volumes. "My Last Album" is filled with an assortment of genre bending grooves enhanced by an array of talented vocalists and MCs. "Beautiful Place" is a mid-tempo soul burner fronted by broken beat pioneer Colonel Red with assistance from Dynamite MC. Colonel Red also appears on "Voices" is a reflective downtempo tune. "In The Dark" has a percolating beat punctuated by the feathery vocals of Denitia. "I Can't See" is a tasty instrumental filled with jazzy hip hop beats. Let's hope this isn't Barton's "last" album because he certainly has more to offer based on the strength of this impressive release.

Reg Dancy, 08/21