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Afrokraut / David Nesselhauf

David Nesselhauf - Afrokraut

Legere Recordings

Producer and multi-instrumentalist David Nesselhauf latest release pays homage to the 70s period in German music known as "Afrokraut" This era fuses 70s Afro beat rhythms and German rock elements. Nesselhauf's infectious compositions pay immediate dividends here. The opening track "Boat Mama" has a funky albeit relaxed groove enhanced by cosmic guitar rhythms. "Come Along Bintang Bolong" features a spirited groove plus vocals from Amadou Bah and fellow Diazpora drummer Lucas Kochbeck "A Route Obscure" is layered with sublime keys and ethereal synths. This is a atmospheric journey that will arouse your curiosity to seek more music from this forgotten period.

Reg Dancy, 12/16