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Bays / Fat Freddys Drop

Fat Freddys Drop - Bays

The Drop

With their fourth studio album, the seven member band from New Zealand known as Fat Freddy's Drop have solidified themselves as one of the most consistent bands working today. Few bands pose a dual threat for turning out impressive recordings layered with solid songwriting as well as first rate stage performances.  With "Bays" they continue to remain true to their signature reggae roots while experimenting with psychedelic rhythms and electronica. "Slings and Arrows" finds them in familiar territory with a tight bass lines and hypnotic reggae groove. "Wheels" is experimental funk laced with moody synths. "Razor" follows in the same direction, an energetic up-tempo tune filled with hard driving guitar rhythms and wicked synths. "Makkan" is a mellow ballad filled with swaying horns and wah-wah rhythms. "Cortina Motors" is a ten minute jam session, certain to boost any party. At the center of it all is vocalist Joe Dukie whose falsetto vocals seems to fit in any style. It all adds up to another superb album that you shouldn't be without.

Reg Dancy, 12/15