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The Colors of Hope / Fetsum

Fetsum - The Colors of Hope

Sonar Kollektiv

After listening to “The Colors Of Hope”, the debut of Sonar Kollektiv artist Fetsum this much is clear; his distinctive voice will resonate with you instantly and his poignant lyrics layered over a soulful reggae acoustic vibe will stir your consciousness and soul. Fetsum was discovered by Reggae star Patrice who soon invited him on tour and eventually to the studio where the ground works for his debut was formed. By his own admission, Fetsum aptly describes his sound as urban folk and you can’t go wrong with any of his compositions to understand why. For instance “One People” is an uplifting folk tune that depicts Fetsum as a time traveler to experience the Civil Rights period. “Divided by Thoughts” is filled with Middle Eastern rhythms and speaks of the divisiveness that permeates through the world. “Queen of My Heart” is a beautiful ballad that finds Fetsum bearing his soul about the woman who moves his heart. It’s safe to say that one listen is all it will take recognize that is an artist to keep an eye on. This is a superb record that by an emerging artist that merits your attention.

Reg Dancy, 09/12