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Kings Ballad / Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Kings Ballad

Ubiquity Records

 It’s safe to say that no one has released more albums in the last year than Georgia Anne Muldrow. While most of those releases have been uneven at best, her latest, “Kings Ballad” is without a doubt the best of the bunch. With “Kings Ballad”, Georgia has created an album that is as close to a mainstream project as anything she has ever done. That’s not to say she has watered down her sound, far from it. She’s simply modeled fourteen funky tunes in her image and reveals yet another layer of her immense talents. The first single “Doobie Down”, highlighted with a funky groove and a wicked electric guitar riff, “R.I.P.” is a moving tribute to Michael Jackson that captures the love we all had for him long before he became the King of pop. The eighties inspired “Summer Love” is a synth laden G-funk flavored joint that pairs her with her mate, Dudley Perkins. The two play the roles of young lovers feeling each other out in hope of a promising relationship.  “Live” is a sweet lullaby about following your heart and pursuing your dreams. Overall this is a solid record and certainly her most satisfying since “Olesi; Fragments of Earth”. While we wait for that one signature record that encapsulates all of her talents, you’ll no doubt enjoy this one in the meantime.

Reg Dancy, 07/10