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Next To Nothing / Hector Plimmer

Hector Plimmer - Next To Nothing

Albert's Favourites

South London beat maker Hector Plimmer's brand new lp "Next to Nothing" is a hauntingly beautiful album filled with ethereal moods and ambient soundscapes. Plimmer's flair for abstract beats and rhythms was apparent on his debut "Sunshine". With this release his arrangements flow like a suite with each track complementing the next. The title track opens the album with Emma Jean Thackery's soloing over the hums of Ego Ella May and other harmonies. Andrew Ashong adds hypnotic vocal patterns over Plimmer's infectious Rhodes on "Somebody Else". The spacey overtones of "Joyfulness" are complemented by the blissful vocals of Alexa Harley. "Stack" featuring Pie Eye Collective is a polyrhythmnic gem and one of many engaging instrumentals. This is an adventurous recording that you'll find irresistible. Bring it along with you on long drives or simply to vibe out. It will be worth it.

Reg Dancy, 11/19