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The Young Ones / JK Group

JK Group - The Young Ones

La Sape

Saxophonist Josh King stretches out on his own with the release of "The Young Ones". King taps into a more jazzier sound combined with Dilla inspired beats and house rhythms in contrast to the soulful hip-hop oriented sound of the Melbourne based group 30/70 of which he's an active member. "Seeds" is an infectious up-tempo banger with crackling percussion courtesy of drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist. It's essential jazz funk with elements of house that's irrestiblea. "Nutta One" is another up-tempo heater filled with spacey soundscapes. King's tone on the horn is big and broad as evidence on the slow burning "Jazz Muggie". On "23" the band dives deep into a samba groove and stretches out. Zeitgeist's powerful rhythms provide the canvas for King's horn and Lewis Moody's gorgeous piano melodies. King makes a potent impression with his debut and demonstrates the ability to lay down a groove in a myriad of styles. It's an impressive album that you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 05/20