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Live In Berlin / Jimi Tenor and Rhythm Taxi

Jimi Tenor and Rhythm Taxi - Live In Berlin


As we wait in anticipation for Tenor's next album "Joystone" and it was a pleasure to finally hear the live experience. Recorded back in 2004 at Berlin's Club Maria this is truly something special but I'm a little unsure why it's taken so long for this to be released but it's here now and that's the main thing. You may well have heard about his onstage antics involving riding the white horse on stage or giving all the members of his band vintage champane, which adds to his persona and cult status in modern music. The press notes say that Tenor is a perfectionist and judging by these nine tracks all his hard work has definitely paid off. After listening to this live set only a few times, I really need to see Jimi Tenor live soon!

Simon Harrison, 04/07