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Teal / Julien Dyne

Julien Dyne - Teal


Multi-instrumentalist Julien Dyne has consistently delivered soulful mid-tempo beats for over a decade now. With his latest release "Teal" he's shifted gears towards a more up-tempo groove inspired sound. He starts off with the deep house grooves of "Design". The infectious rhythm and soulful drums will ignite listeners instantly. "Hours" has more of a laid back up-tempo groove but still satisfying. It also features gorgeous vocals from Ladi 6. "Steady" has a boogie funk vibe and features Mara TK on vocals. "Teal" has the grooves to either dance to or simply nod your head to. Dyne always has a gem or two that you can't stop listening to and this disc is no exception.

Reg Dancy, 12/18