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New Me Same Us / Little Dragon

Little Dragon - New Me Same Us

Ninja Tune

"New Me Same Us" is the sixth studio album from the Swedish band Little Dragon. Like their previous lps this release threads the needle for crafting emotive soul pop electronica compositions with splendid results. That being said, the band has taken a back to basics approach as they intergrate more instrumentation into this recording. Lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano's vocals are as intoxicating as ever and delight the listener through eleven tracks. "Hold On" opens up the disc with an funky boogie groove as Nagano sings about letting go and moving on. "Another Love" is a melancholy tune that deals with heartache. If this is what heartache feels like then sign me up. "Where You Belong" is a reflective song enhanced by Fredrik Wallin's keyboard arrangements. This self produced album is so cool yet it's filled with warmth and heartfelt lyrics. It's no wonder that nearly everyone in the music community have sung their praises. They haven't reinvented the genre, they just do it better than everyone else.

Reg Dancy, 05/20