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Para Todos  / Natalie Greffel

Natalie Greffel - Para Todos


Berlin based vocalist Natalie Greffel has been sharing her vocal chops with groups like Radio Citizen, Karl Hector and others. While the fertile Berlin music scene afforded her opportunities to work she felt the pull to explore her roots in Mozambique and it's connections to Brazil. Greffel would eventually relocate to Rio De Janeiro and immersed herself the storied history of Brazil, specifically the legends like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Elza Soares just to name to a few. She was encouraged to make a demo by Matti Klein, pianist for Brazilian native Ed Motta. Four songs from the demo would eventually appear on the album. And that brings us to her debut "Para Todos". Greffel's vocals create a mood of peaceful bliss. Evidence of that lies in the warm melodies of the mid-tempo taster "Toquei". "Blame" is filled with spirited fusion rhythms. On the title track Greffel starts out with a warm acapella melody while shifting her vocals into her upper register. Soon after the track takes it up a notch with a spirited guitar laden groove. Even though there's only seven tracks here it's satsfying nonetheless. Quite simply it's a superb recording filled with haunting compositions and a beautiful voice to match. The future looks bright.

Reg Dancy, 05/20