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Fifteen / Nostalgia 77

Nostalgia 77 - Fifteen

Tru Thoughts

Nostalgia 77 founder Ben Lamdin celebrates fifteen years of glorious music with "Fifteen". Lamdin along with the Tru Thoughts family collaborated in selecting some of their timeless ethereal compositions from their deep vault for this release. One can only imagine the challenge they had in picking just nineteen tunes. In the end it looks as though they did a fabulous job. Evidence of that comes from the opening track "Quiet Dawn", a haunting tune featuring Beth Rowley on vocals. Alice Russell, whose powerful soulful vocals has received worldwide acclaim shines on "Seven Nation Army". Other highlights include "Stars", a gem that was recorded with the Nostalgia 77 Octet and the folk inspired "Beautiful Lie". The Ambassadeurs trippy remix of "Sleepwalker" is a downtempo delight and captures the groups varied musical range. If you're a bit late to Ben Lamdim's body of work then this would be a great place to start. If you've been riding with him all along then this is a great reminder of the quality of music he has given us over the years.

Reg Dancy, 04/18