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Afrotunes - Best Of Juju Vol 2  / Ojo Balingo

Ojo Balingo - Afrotunes - Best Of Juju Vol 2


Originally released by Tabansi records in 1985, "Afrotunes - Best of Juju Vol. 2" sheds light on Juju music from Ojo Balingo. Based on this release, Balingo is a Nigerian Juju artist cut from the same cloth as King Sunny Ade. Balingo's style of Juju is a form of Yoruba music filled with various percussions and wah wah guitar rhythms. The album flows as a medley with Balingo's roaring poetic lyrics over a spirited guitar groove combined with infectious drumming. This is a journey into a forgotten genre that's worth checking out.

Reg Dancy, 10/19