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Broth / On-ly

On-ly - Broth

La Sape

The Melbourne based label La Sape has been very busy this year. Among their projects are the JK Group, Horatio Luna and Godtet among others. Another impressive project has emerged courtesy of pianist and instrumentalist Joshua Smeltink aka On-ly. On-ly's latest lp "Broth" is an exploration of psychedelic fusion and hypnotic grooves. On-ly's approach to his compositions are a bit unorthodox but pleasing nonetheless. "Cante Hondo" is a trippy stew of moogs and synths. "Get It" is a twelve minute journey of atmospheric jazz funk loaded with synths and percussion. "Double Edge" is mellow spaced out funk. Overall "Broth" is a tasty treat of avant garde jazz funk along the lines of Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" with a touch of Weather Report that's definitely worth checking out.

Reg Dancy, 05/20