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Live From The Breadline / Part 2

Part 2 - Live From The Breadline

Big Dada Records

Part 2 of New Flesh fame unleashes his first solo album on the Big Dada label. This album has been work in progress for a few years now as he is been kept busy with New flesh and various other side projects. The album is rammer-jammed with superb guest vocalists entwinded with very fat sounds ranging from Grime to Reggae to Detroit fuelled rhythms.The double A-side of 'Get Square feat. Fallacy' and 'Will It Ever feat. Sandra Melody is already getting some great response in the press and on the floor - and i'm sure the full deal will receive the same praise on its release at the end of Sept '05. The beats are fully loaded and he's really gotten the most from his vocalist side-kicks. Well worth checking out.

Jax, 08/05