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Super Liminal / Penya

Penya - Super Liminal

On The Corner

Penya is a percussion driven quartet led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Magnus PI. "Super Liminal" is their debut LP and the follow up to their impressive "Acelere" EP. They're woven a myriad of influences ranging from Cuba to Tanzania to assemble a tantalizing stew of compositions. "Search It Out" is driven by Jim Lem's bata drumming and enhanced by lead vocalist Lilli Elina, whose vocals shine throughout this disc. Lem shines throughout as well, specifically on "Iyesa" and "Kirachi". The latter is a pulsating track with tribal overtones due in part to the futuristic synths with ancient chants. Magnus PI's production has created a lo-fi analog sound that befits the nature of the music. You feel as though you are in the midst of a live performance. The energy this quartet exudes is certain to lift your spirits and move your hips. There's no use trying to fight it, just release yourself and enjoy it.

Reg Dancy, 02/18