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Morning Light / Personal Life

Personal Life - Morning Light

Tokyo Dawn

Personal Life is the London soul collective formed by Robert Strauss. Their debut “Morning Light” is a superb collection of sweetened soul with funky grooves surrounded by jazzy horns and strings. Each track features warm sophisticated arrangements highlighted by the silky smooth voice of Stuart Lisbie.  Among the highlights are the mid-tempo dance floor friendly tracks like “Classic Lady” and the socially conscious “One Step Closer”.  “I remember” a nice ballad filled with lush romantic arrangements and simple yet enchanting funk. Strauss, who wrote and produced, has captured the essence of quality soul music that was a staple from the late seventies and throughout the eighties. What’s impressive is that “Morning Light” isn’t a throwback record; it’s a refreshing record that fills a gaping hole in the RnB soul genre. Could this be a renaissance? You certainly hope so if they sound as good as this one.

Reg Dancy, 07/13