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Love Is / Prequel

Prequel - Love Is

Rhythm Section International

DJ/Producer Prequel has delighted us with an array of moody house tracks and eps over the years. With his full length debut "Love Is" he fuses hip-hop jazz and house to give his perspective on love. It's a concept album about the highs and lows from family to relationships. Prequel takes his production prowess to another level with the aid of some of Melbourne's bottomless pit of talented musicians. The dark and moody "When Love Is New" armed with a pulsating bottom that echoes Motor City house. It also features amazing string arrangements courtesy of violinist Tamil Rogeon. "Violeiro" sparkles with Brazilian rhythms aligned with punchy beats. "All I'm Missing Is You" has a dizzying piano melody that takes you on an enjoyable ride. The remarkable "Love Is" is a meditative gem that features the emotive spoken word vocals of Cazeaux O.S.L.O. The album also ebbs and flows with jazzy sophisticated interludes that fits the mood. While there may be a touch of heartache here there's plenty of euphoria that's punctuated by these recordings. Prequel steps out of his comfort zone just a bit and creates a deeply satisfying debut. Few producers have explored a sound and a topic as marvelous as this record.

Reg Dancy, 04/21