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Silent Movie / Quiet Village

Quiet Village - Silent Movie

Studio K7!

The hype and hope surrounding Quiet Village’s long player has been building ever since their rare-as-hen’s-teeth singles started appearing on New York’s ultra hip Whatever We Want label about 3 years ago. Consisting of Joel Martin and Matt Edwards (better known as DJ and House music star Radio Slave), Quiet Village has garnered an enviable reputation for creating - for want of a less obvious description - surreal, dreamy, mid-tempo music that quite simply soothes the ears. As the title suggests, ‘Silent Movie’ is heavily indebted to the influence of film scores, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another ambient, chill-out, Balearic record to play in the background. This is much more than that, and when the Grace Jones-esque, tropical disco-dub of ‘Too High to Move’ is washing over you for the tenth time in a row, you’ll realise why. An excellent album.

Tom Breslin, 05/08