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Nothing Remains Unchanged / Ross McHenry

Ross McHenry - Nothing Remains Unchanged

First Word

With each new full length recording Ross McHenry is demonstrating that he's a premier bass player and composer on the rise. "Nothing Remains Unchanged" is McHenry's fourth album for First Word Records. He's joined once again by Pianist Matthew Sheens but Eric Harland replaces Myele Manzanza on drums and premier tenor saxophonist Ben Wendel sits in for the first time. Together they make a formidable quartet and the music certainly reflects that. "Complicated Us" starts us off with a warm harmonic interaction between Wendel and Sheens that sustains throughout. Harland's gentle brushes and subtle cymbals intensifies as the track nears it's end. "Woods" is tailor made for Sheens glorious piano melodies and Wendel's swirling horn flourishes. Over the course of ten minutes "This I Give To You" begins as a gentle ballad that builds into an exhilarating crescendo. You won't find fault with any track here. McHenry hits the mark with another superb recording that's adventurous and engaging. He's becoming one of the most prolific musicians on the scene today.

Reg Dancy, 06/20