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Boston Goes Disco! / Serge Gamesbourg

Serge Gamesbourg - Boston Goes Disco!


"Boston Goes Disco" is a deep drive into the underground world of late 70s early 80s Boston Disco. Boston native DJ/Producer Serge Gamesbourg shines a light on forgotten tunes from Massachusetts. Among this 20 track release are a few notable selections. "All In Good Time" by Wildlife is your typical blueprint disco number with swirling strings and a funky groove. Gamesbourg's edit of funky bass driven "I'm Gonna Get You" is a highlight. The Christopher Michael Band's "You Make Me Happy" bridges the gap between funk and Disco. Gamesbourg's edits and reworks breathes new life into these tunes. For Disco afficionados you'll certainly find some gems throughout this disc.

Reg Dancy, 10/18