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Kites / Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra - Kites


With their fifth LP, The Submotion Orchestra return to their roots with jazz infused electronica combined with live instrumentation. "Kites" maintains the atmospheric soundscapes that we fell in love with from their debut "Finest Hour". Each member drew inspiration from photographic images they brought to the recording. They transformed those images into a splendid collection of emotive compositions. "Variations" is a elegant slow burning tune with blissful keys and hypnotic beats. "Own" is another winner filled with warm strings and blissful horns. Ruby Woods angelic vocals, missing for most of their previous lp shines throughout here. The disc wraps up with "Alone", a haunting orchestral gem where Woods weaves images of space and open skies around her soft vocals. This is a gorgeous release that is simply sublime. Loyal fans will be more than pleased while new fans will realize what they've been missing.

Reg Dancy, 03/18