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With Ralph Alessi / Terkel Norgaard

Terkel Norgaard - With Ralph Alessi

We Jazz Records

We Jazz Records is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels for avant garde Jazz. Drummer Terkel Norgaard not only is a skilled drummer but is a talented composer as well. "With Ralph Alessi" a nod to the New York City based trumpeter who shows why he's been one of the premiere trumpeters of the last two decades. Norgaard's group consists of some of the key players on the Copenhagen scene. Alessi shines right from the start on "One". Alessi's beautifully fluid tone fits in perfectly alongside the trio's melodic excursions. "Seventeen" is another highlight that features cascading piano melodies from Soren Gemmer. Norgaard's subtle brush strokes on "Twentyone" is the fuse that inspires everyone to dive into his harmonic canvas. The Danish trio along with Alessi sound as if they've played together for years. Beyond satisfying and an example of improvised brilliance.

Reg Dancy, 06/19