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Cypher / The Andy Tolman Cartel

The Andy Tolman Cartel - Cypher


Inspired by the great movie soundtracks of the seventies, The Andy Tolman Cartel present "Cypher". This nine track lp captures the cinematic soundscapes that were as pivotal to film as the movie itself. An accomplished bass player, Tolman integrates funk and big band rhythms seamlessly throughout this disc. "Move Over" is a funky number that features Jo Harmon on vocals and Steve Watt on the Hammond Organ. "You What" is another sizzling highlight that kicks off with Tolman's funky guitar intro and features Carl Hudson on keyboards. Produced by Nick van Gelder who also occupies the drum chair on the entire disc. "Cypher" engages you to visualize some of your favorite movie scores and ensures you'll have a funky good time while doing so.

Reg Dancy, 01/18