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Grey Doubt / The Colours That Rise

The Colours That Rise - Grey Doubt

Rhythm Section International

Producer Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams form the duo known as The Colours That Rise. Their latest release "Grey Doubt" is lo-fi celestial electronica built on funk, broken beat grooves and spacey synths. This is the follow up to their impressive EP “2020”. "Hype Lane" is laid back galactic funk with a wobbly 70s wah wah groove. "The Juice" is a touch of afro house highlighted by the vocals of Andrew Ashong. The aptly titled "Atmosphere" erupts with warm and mellow chords merged with the sultry vocals of Yazmin Lacey. The compositions here are intertwined with dialogue alleging that black people are living on Mars. The point being that you must be mindful of the conspiracy theories that are floating in the universe. It's tastefully done and blends seamlessly with the spacey compositions on tap here. I recommend you take a trip through this galaxy of gorgeous grooves and enjoy the ride.

Reg Dancy, 06/20