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Take A Shot / The Fantastics

The Fantastics - Take A Shot


Hard to believe it's been nine years since The Fantastics last full length release. The band turned over their roster and only two members remain from the original lineup. Recently they have gone out on the road to try out their new material and based on this new release, the audience gave marks. "Take Another Shot", their third lp is filled with high energy funk and soul jazz compositions that have become their trademark. Keyboardist Greg Boraman, one of the original members has tapped into new blood to push the band's music forward. Guitarist James Byron brings an open minded approach to genre bending compositions resonating throughout the recording. Vocalist Selene Fleming's resume includes appearances with Incognito and Leroy Hutson. She punctuates a number of tunes here like "Say You Will" and "Can't Decide". The latter is an organ fueled psychedelic tune with rip roaring guitars. Mark Norton's melodic flute is front and center on the mellow soul jazz tunes "Better Than Dead" and "Oblique". Overall it's a strong ten track album that will certainly satisfy your soul jazz palette.

Reg Dancy, 09/21