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DJ Andy Smith Presents Reach UP - Disco Wonderland / Various Artists

Various Artists - DJ Andy Smith Presents Reach UP - Disco Wonderland


DJ Andy Smith, internationally known for collaborations with Portishead as well as his sort after DJ sets reinforced his reputation as a certified crate digger. "Reach Up - Disco Wonderland" is an ode to the seventies NYC club scene, specifically the Paradise Garage and Studio 54. In addition he resurrects a few hidden gems for us to enjoy all over again. "For The Love Of Money" a seventies classic from the Disco Dub Band has an unforgettable bass groove that drove folks to the dance floor and still resonates today. "First Time Love Affair" was an early eighties hit from the late Jimmy Ross. "Share The Night" is an underrated synth laden boogie tune that captures the spirit of NYC eighties club culture. If you want to take a trip down memory lane then you'll no doubt enjoy this disc.

Reg Dancy, 12/17