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Kev Beadle Presents Private Collection Vol. 3 / Various Artists

Various Artists - Kev Beadle Presents Private Collection Vol. 3


DJ and avid vinyl collector Kev Beadle  has resided in the upper echelon of respected DJs for over 20 years. So when he started pulling out some of his own dusty vinyl classics for his "Private Collection" series, it gave us another reason to love him even more. Now with Vol.3 he unleashes a delicious collection of seventies slept on tunes you didn't know you needed before but you certainly know now. The disc kicks off in furious form with "Quiet Fire" infused with spirited drumming from the great Roy Haynes. "La Em Guayaquil" is an infectious jazz-rock hidden gem from the Brazilian band Banda Metalurgia. Louis Hayes' late seventies free jazz delight "Little Sunflower" features the engaging wordless yodeling of Leon Thomas. Other notable tunes include "Maryke" and "Samba De Amor". Unless you have direct access to the Kev Beadle vault you would be wise to take a deep drive into this superb collection.

Reg Dancy, 10/17