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Can You see What I'm trying To Say / Vibration Black Finger

Vibration Black Finger - Can You see What I'm trying To Say


Vibration Black finger is the brainchild of guitarist/composer Lascelles Gordon. "Can You See What I'm Trying to Say", a quote from Saxophonist Marlon Brown gives a nod to the obscure spiritual jazz recordings of the seventies. Gordon has compiled edits and recordings over the years from DATs, reel to reel and cassettes. In addition several recordings were made with fellow members Ben Cowen and Diana Gulkind. The opening track "Empty Streets" is just one of two tunes recorded live in studio and it's a beauty. Ebony Rose's haunting vocals glide over a hypnotic bass and flute rhythms. "Acting For Liberation Pt 1" is eleven minutes of celestial vibes shaped by spacey synths, horns and electronics. "Liberation Pt 2" is a reprise faeturing the vocals of Maggie Nichols. Gordon's second release offers a window into his vision. The result is a wonderful arrangement of sonic and spiritual vibrations past and present. Jazzman records never disappoints and this is no exception.

Reg Dancy, 08/20