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Renovations / Various Artists

Various Artists - Renovations

Tokyo Dawn Records

This double album from Tokyo Dawn records is totally rammed to the brim with corking instrumental's, slow jamz, sultry soul, fat hip-hop and adult house vibes.
With a whopping 35 tracks spread over 2CD's - this really is what a quality value compilation is all about.
The first cut focuses more on the down tempo side - but don't get me wrong, this is down-tempo not downbeat. There is the experimental beat process of the 'Radiobugs' side by side with the bumping tones of 'The Tape Vs RQM'. The blissed out 'Jumper' by Spencer Doran is so short and sweet you could almost miss it, and the track by 'Causes & Forces' sounds like its been lifted from some classic Blaxploitation movie.
The second slab is a more housey affair, lots of low-slung 4/4 drums for those 4 a.m. moments or back room warm-ups. Some of the tracks sound like a cross pollination of noises from Herbert and Charles Webster's studio's. The more 'well-known' artists appear on this second slice with tracks by the excellent Henrik Schwarz and Maddslinky along with Tokyo Dawn favourites Comfort Fit.
This label really knows how to compile a very audible album, which I would definitely recommend to the discerning listener who likes their beats slightly altered and not from the mainstream.


Jax, 10/05

Republicafrobeat Vol. 2 / Various Artists

Various Artists - Republicafrobeat Vol. 2

Love Monk

Compiled by DJ Floro, 'Republicafrobeat Vol. 2' further explores the sound of modern Afro-beat. From it's West African roots this music has truly spread worldwide particularly during the past decade and this disc draws together fine examples from Spain, France, US, UK and of course the motherland. 'Elephants' by Karl Denson & Tiny Universe featuring Fred Wesley, Raw Deal's 'Afro Rainbow', the Hi-Perspective Remix of Franck Biyong's 'Power Brain' featuring Wunmi and Bukky Leo's take on Timmy Thomas' 'Why Can't We Live Together' all hit the spot. Al Green is not a name you would normally associate with Afro-beat, but the rare 1989 Bwana Mix of his 1975 cut 'Love Ritual' works perfectly. This album is worth the purchase price for this track alone.


Andy Allen, 07/06

Revolucion! Original Cuban Funk Grooves 1967-1978 / Various Artists

Various Artists - Revolucion! Original Cuban Funk Grooves 1967-1978

Freestyle Records

One can only imagine the wealth of Cuban recordings that have been isolated from the rest of the world but thanks to Australian DJ and Cuban record collector Tom Wieland we now have a window to what lies within that rich musical culture. “Revolucion!” contains 12 hip shaking funky grooves known as Los Van Van that represent post revolutionary Cuban music. Los Van Van was created by bass player Juan Formell and it is known as fusing pre Castro charanga with soul and funk and the mixture is highly combustible to one’s nervous system. Translated, you’ll find it very difficult not to move your feet and shimying your hips. “Recital En Descarga” is bursting with lively percussion, funky horns and simple but enchanting chords. “Cuando Liego a Mi Casa” starts out with Juan formell’s killer bass riff, creating plenty of space for the congas and the lush string section. “Baila Guiro son Wambari” is a high octane dance floor filler that will have you breaking out in a sweat long before the song’s conclusion. With quality recordings such as these, one wonders how many other gems Juan composed that are buried in the vaults. Until we find out, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some of the finest music you never heard of before. You won’t soon forget it.


Reg Dancy, 11/09

Romanian Jazz / Various Artists

Various Artists - Romanian Jazz

Sonar Kollektiv

One of the great joys of collecting records is getting time to sift through piles of records in places you've never been before. Far too often I've spent time planning what record shops are in a city, well before working out what sights and places to visit. Romania isn't one place I would have thought of for hunting jazz but Stephan Steigleder and members of Jazzanova have beaten us to it and found some true gems. The ten tracks here are the kind of music people would pay hundreds of pounds for, even though I've heard of none of the artists featured. This is certainly the start of something really interesting and I hope we all get chance to find out more about these artists and maybe even see a re-release of the full albums over time.


Simon Harrison, 03/07

Ron Trent & Jerome Sydenham Present Need 2 Soul Vol.01 / Various Artists

Various Artists - Ron Trent & Jerome Sydenham Present Need 2 Soul Vol.01

Need2Soul Music

Need 2 Soul brings together two of house music’s premier DJ’s, Ron Trent & Jerome Sydenham. Ron Trent needs no introduction. He has crafted his niche by emphasizing percussion in his house music productions, thereby giving his compositions warmth and richness. He has selected house tracks of the highest quality like the uplifting “Across The Universe” by Indigenous Space People. The blaze remix of Sunshine Anderson’s “Force Of Nature” is another highlight. The disc wraps up with the beautiful “Manzana De Mi Vida” by Glenn Underground. Jerome Sydenham takes over on disc 2. His selections are more into the deep house dish, with some tracks venturing into techno but wonderful selections nonetheless. Francois Dubois “I Try” is a wonderful keyboard laden stomper. “Atmospheric System” has a fierce pulsating groove with an enticing organ work. “Let The Sun Shine Out” by Flora Cruze is the only vocal track on disc 2. Flora’s powerful vocals and the thumpin’ funky house rhythms bring this disc to a rousing finale. Need 2 Soul have been blessing us with wonderful compilations for years. This fabulous work by two of house music’s premier DJs is no exception.


Reg Dancy, 07/08

Rough Guide To Colombian Street Party / Various Artists

Various Artists - Rough Guide To Colombian Street Party

World Music Network

Rough Guide once more exel with their mix of old and new, try these to give you a snapshot of where they are coming from: Joe Arroyo y La Verdad, Radio Cumbia, LA-33, Colombiafrica, Mojarra Electrica and Grupo Saboreo. 15 tracks in all and they all have one vision, dance and party until you drop. Very good.


Graham Radley, 12/08

Rough Guide To Latin Street Party / Various Artists

Various Artists - Rough Guide To Latin Street Party

World Music Network

15 tracks across the board from the opening track of Jesus Pagan y su Orquesta’s salsa dura to the salsa meets rap and reggaeton of Magic Juan feat. Puerto Rican Power, plenty more keeping the party flowing including Los De Abajo, Sidestepper, Ricardo Lemvo and a great take on Bill Withers ‘Use Me’ by Alex Wilson feat. Lauren Dalrymple. Great.


Graham Radley, 10/08

Rough Guide To The Music of Japan / Various Artists

Various Artists - Rough Guide To The Music of Japan

World Music Network

18 tracks which bring a whole wealth and diversity of Japanese music to life but often take it off into unexpected directions which we like a lot. my picks would have to be Oki Dub Ainu Band’s ‘East Of Kunashri’ and Shibusashirazu’s ‘Akkan’, oh and make sure you listen to Takeharu Kunimoto & The Last Frontier’s ‘Appalchian Shamisen. Superb.


Graham Radley, 08/08

Rough Guide to the music of North African Cafe / Various Artists

Various Artists - Rough Guide to the music of North African Cafe

World Music Network

Brilliant start with Algeria's Akli D's 'Barman' with 13 further tracks that also take us through Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. Some great names and music with Maurice El Medioni, El Tanbura, Les Orientales and Adel Gadir Salim amongst those featured. Pick out tracks are Smadj presents S.O.S Project's 'Hat' and Cheb Balowski's 'El Dia'. Excellent.


Graham Radley, 08/07

Rough Guide to the music of Salsa / Various Artists

Various Artists - Rough Guide to the music of Salsa

World Music Network

13 tracks that includes salsa heavyweights like Jimmy Bosch and Wayne Gorbea, African influenced son from Kekele and Ricardo Lemva, contemporary beat influences from Alex Wilson and full on dance floor from Fruko Y Sus Tesos. Tracks also from Macolla, Cubanoson, Sonora Carruseles, Angel Melendez, Grupo Caribe, Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos and Bio Ritmo. Good collection.


Graham Radley, 08/07

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