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Born Like This / Doom

Doom - Born Like This

Lex Records

Hip Hop’s favorite villain returns with his first solo project since 2004’s “MM..Food?”. “Born like This” doesn’t quite measure up to “Food” but there are several standout tracks that are well worth checking out. Highlights include “Gazillian Ear” where Doom’s unconventional rhyme style combined with his abstract production makes this one a clear cut winner. “Yessir” is also impressive, thanks in part to special guest Raekwon, whose dense delivery is the complement to Doom’s gritty beats. “Still Dope feat. Empress Sharhh” is another banger and further proof why many respected rappers yearn to lay down rhymes to a Doom produced track. If you’ve been a supporter of Doom’s work over the years then you’ll no doubt enjoy this release. For those who tire of watered down hip-hop, prepare to be enlightened to Doom’s dark tales and you’ll see why he’s one of the most respected underground rapper/producer on the scene today.


Reg Dancy, 01/10

Necksnappin / Dopegems

Dopegems - Necksnappin

Heavenly Sweetness

"Necksnappin" is the latest release from Dopegems, is filled with soulful psychedelic funk. Slick Tim, drummer, guitarist and producer of the  french funk group knows how to lay down a good groove and surround it with wicked electric guitar rhythms. Highlights include "Condor Redux, a slow tempo funk with Wah Wah guitar rhythms". "Like A Thief In The Night" is a scorching up-tempo funk number filled with tasty vibes and Rhodes. "First Come, First Serve" is another slow tempo funk with soft rock sensibilities. There's no doubt that Slick Tim has embraced the seventies funk and fusion scene and has applied those lessons well. Tasty grooves surrounded by slick arrangements makes this an impressive release from the versatile five piece band.


Reg Dancy, 10/14

When Planets Explode / Dorian Concept

Dorian Concept - When Planets Explode

Kindred Spirits

This album quite simply defies categorisation. So much so that it’s going to be easier for me to start by telling you what it isn’t, than to steam straight into flailing around in vain trying to describe what it actually is.  It’s not easy listening, that’s for sure. Well, not at first anyway. Although, after a short while, you do find yourself drifting off into a kind of head-nodding, groove-induced coma. It certainly isn’t organic, in the sense that the sounds and effects used have never been within 100 miles of, say, a guitar or a trumpet, or any other kind of acoustic instrument for that matter. And, most importantly, it sure as hell isn’t to be ignored. For, the music of Viennese beat-meister Dorian Concept is unashamedly synthetic, electronic and beat-driven, and yet (because of the man’s evident talent with a keyboard and his supreme production skills) it is so very, very musical. It isn’t just a neck-snapping beat here and a random squelch there; it is all intricately woven harmonies and textured grooves, crafted with a deft touch and full of a delightfully wonky jazziness. And, the balance is just right. You could just as easily find this music reverberating from within a blacked-out Hummer as you could in a contemporary Jazz nerd’s cans. Everyone should give this polished gem a try, but, for simplicity’s sake, fans of Harmonic 313, Dabrye and Kindred Spirits’ ‘Beat Dimensions’ collection should not sleep on this.


Tom Breslin, 04/09

Something New / Double Beat

Double Beat - Something New

Big Sur

'Something New' is Double Beat's follow up to 'International Funk Music' (Big Sur 2004). Stefano Ghittoni (manager of Big Sur Recordings) and Marco Rigamonti are both DJ/producers who together have produced a hybrid sound of funk and nu-jazz built around 4x4 house beats. For me the set lacks the vital ingredients to give it longevity but 'Profondo' and particularly 'Beat It' with its African vocal snippets would certainly work in a club environment.


Andy Allen, 03/07

Life in the Slow Lane / Double Yellow

Double Yellow - Life in the Slow Lane

Here and Now recordings

Double Yellow is the duo of Singer/songwriter Dave Lilley and DJ/Producer Diesler. "Life in the Slow Lane”, their full length debut  is a potpourri of musical flavors rooted in deep grooves and tasty funk.  Among the highlights are the Dixie Jazz flavored “No One Knows” that features the sweet vocals of Suzanne Lilley. “Zygote No.9” is heavy funk with hypnotic grooves. “Dust Can Grow” is a laid back Latin jazz flavored tune that features vocals from Edward Pye and and Daniel Smith on trumpet. Lilley’s imaginative songwriting and Diesler’s beats make for an engaging record. Admirers of the “We Got Caught” ep will not be disappointed.


Reg Dancy, 01/13

A Real Deal / Doug Hammond

Doug Hammond - A Real Deal

Heavenly Sweetness

Renowned jazz artist Doug Hammond makes a welcome return with his first studio album in 20 years. With Doug on drums, sanza and vocals accompanied occasionally by Kirk Lightsey on piano this is an extremely sparse set but one that retains the magical quality of his 70s recordings for Tribe. 'A Real Deal' is consistent throughout but the tracks particularly worth mentioning are 'Dope Of Power Suite (Four Tet Club Mix)', 'Rizz Biz', 'Moves' and the stunningly beautiful 'A Tear'.


Andy Allen, 11/07

Introducing Dozan / Dozan

Dozan - Introducing Dozan

Introducing / World Music Network

Formed by Jordanian vocalist Shireen Abu-Khader to celebrate Arabic folklore. Their description on the sleeve notes as a ‘ modern folkloric chamber group’ sums them up well, the music is traditional with new arrangements but keeping the vocals very much to the fore on these Sufi influenced songs. Beautiful.


Graham Radley, 12/08

Flight of the Tempest / Drawbar

Drawbar - Flight of the Tempest

Counterpoint Records

In the world of Drawbar the Hammond organ is undoubtedly king. For the humble Hammond is the musical centrifuge around which every one of the eleven tracks on ‘Flight of the Tempest’ rotates and that, as it happens, is no bad thing. Admittedly, I wasn’t immediately taken with the Drawbar sound - thinking that I had heard it all somewhere before - but I can now say that it’s a definite grower. It’s a simmering stew of soul, jazz, a little Hip-Hop and a lot of funk that’s been bought to the boil under the heady influence of film scores and library music. Not at all bad for a crew of organ fanatics from Hastings!


Tom Breslin, 10/08

In A Town Called Addis / Dub Colossus

Dub Colossus - In A Town Called Addis

Real World Records

African dub blending Ethiopian traditional with afro jazz and Jamaican dub recorded in Ethiopia & the UK  from this new band  formed by Transglobal Underground founder member Count Dubullah (aka Nick Page) . The recording features several amazing vocalists including  Sintayehu Zenebe (the "Ethiopian Edith Piaf) Tsedenia Gebremarkos,. Bahta Gerbrehiwot and Teremage Woretaw, listen out to for some superb piano from Samuel Yirga and brilliant saxophonist Feleke Hailu. This really is a wonderful album.


Graham Radley, 08/09

Reachin' Out / Dubble D

Dubble D - Reachin' Out

2020 Vision Recordings

I was being given a lift around Leeds with the manager of 2020 vision at the end of 2004 and in his car stereo was a track from 'Reachin Out'. The track in question was 'Switch' which features vocals from legend Flora Purim. I could not quite believe my ears and I can see why that was chosen for the first single. Danny Ward has invited some excellent guests, which include Diane Charlemagne, Qball and Curt Cazal [QNC], Kate Rogers and Nightmares On Wax. 2020 vision are known for their quality house productions but here Danny really pushes the boundaries on just about every style known to man. There's the bluey 'Rain', the house anthem 'Switch' and hiphop monster 'Would You'. What else do I need to say?


Simon Harrison, 06/05

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