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Talk To The Animals / Jumbonics

Jumbonics - Talk To The Animals

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Rob Mac and Matt Smooth are back and showing no end to their talents, after their excellent Gum Drop and Speeka projects. The track you've probably heard of here is their funk re-working of The Strokes "Last Nite": I was rather surprised that I knew the track and when playing out, it's certainly a crowd pleaser. What made this album really special for me was vocalist Norman Anderson, who just blew me away. It seems whatever style Rob and Matt throw at him, Norman's wonderful voice excels on every tune. To top it off, just like the Gum Drop album, they've brought in violinist Lucy Wilkins to add to the beautiful arrangements. A must!!


Simon Harrison, 03/07

Jambu / Jungle Fire

Jungle Fire - Jambu


"Jambu" is the second full length LP from the Los Angeles based band known as Jungle Fire. The ten member group's scorching sound spans Afrobeat and Latin rhythms layered over gritty funk. They started out by gathering for occasional jam sessions for b-boy acts before morphing into a full time unit. Those jam sessions would eventually lead to a record deal with the acclaimed North Hollywood California based Nacional Records. "Jambu features a mix of fiery up-tempo bangers as well as some mild mid-tempo grooves. "LA Kossa" is infectious Latin funk with blistering horns. "Efori" has a mellow groove with a light touch of percussion. "Bele Bele" is complemented by electric guitar licks and funky horns. Jungle Fire's brand of "Tropi-Funk" ensures you're gonna have a funky good time.


Reg Dancy, 04/17

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