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Presenting Private Collection Volume 2 / Kev Beadle

Kev Beadle - Presenting Private Collection Volume 2


Kev Beadle, one of the UK's premiere DJs displays his affinity for Avant Garde Jazz. His latest release "Private Collection Volume 2" contains a number of sparkling yet obscure Spiritual Jazz recordings that have grown in statue since their release more than forty years ago. When it comes to hard to find gems, there's no better place to start than with Archie Shepp's "Song For Mozambique". This soothing yet powerful tune features intense poetry from Haki Madhubuti. "I'm Trying To Find A Way" is another winner. This uplifting orchestral tune by Stanley Crowell features Trumpeter Eddie Henderson and Trombonist Julian Peterson among others. This enchanting release not only provides a sneak peak into Beadle's diverse collection but also shines a light on a cherished collection of music that has been long overlooked.


Reg Dancy, 09/14

Basement Soul / Kid Sublime

Kid Sublime - Basement Soul

Kindred Spirits

Former member of Rednose Districkt, shows how well this young talent can work on his own. He's picked a fine selection of vocalists which include Jneiro Jarel, Cee-Major, U-Gene, Lady Alma and others. Not only that but you won't stop shaking your hips to the deep grooves that Sublime has put together, which will rock any dancefloor or sound just as nice on your headphones. Kindred Spirits just continue their domination of things soulful.


Simon Harrison, 08/05

The Exchange Session Vol.1 / Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - The Exchange Session Vol.1

Domino Records

Steve Reid is the legendary drummer who has played with all the big names over his some 40 year career. I could be all day listing artists, so I'll let you do the search through history. Over the last few years Soul Jazz Records have reissued Reid's excellent albums 'Nova' and 'Rhythmatism'. Kieran Hebden aka Fourtet hooked up with Reid for some heavyweight live shows and then embarked on two new projects with him. The first was the Steve Reid Ensemble's 'Spirit Walk' which was released again on Soul Jazz in 2005 and has already been reviewed here by Andy Allen. The second is the Exchange Sessions, which mixes experimental electronics within Reid's musical heritage. Volume One is only made up of three tracks: the first track is around seven minutes and the other two are around fifteen minutes each, and the latter two give them chance to spread their wings a little. As with all of Four Tet's previous work, give it time and all will become clear. Volume 2 will be released later in 2006.


Simon Harrison, 04/06

A Town Called Elsewhere / Killiam Shakespeare

Killiam Shakespeare - A Town Called Elsewhere


There were a flurry of great lps dropping in 2015 so you're forgiven if you missed the debut of Killiam Shakespeare. The Philadelphia based band is led by the duo of Keyboardist Corey Bernhard and drummer Steve McKie. Their debut unleashed a collection of spaced out funky compositions that defies genres and proved to be deeply satisfying. Their sophomore release "A Town Called Elsewhere" builds on that debut and demonstrates a maturity in their sound. There are hypnotic instrumentals to savor like "Barry's Prophecy" and Salt & Pepper Wings". There's some vocal contributions that lift these compositions another notch as well. Chris Turner's vocals are perfectly suited for the emotive "WDTKAL". Amber Navran of Moonchild lends her sublime vocals to "The One". The disc wraps up the funky string laden "Milk, Honey, Blood & Tears". This is one of a handful of bands separating themselves from the pack. The textures and the melodies will linger with you long after the song is over. You need to get familiar with them


Reg Dancy, 12/18

Soft Hand Feel / Kinder Atom

Kinder Atom - Soft Hand Feel

Nice + Smooth

Veterans of the electronic music scene, Kinder Atom are masters of a clean, highly polished and sharply produced sound that has a soothing, ambient quality to it, regardless of the setting. Whether it be the lilting dub of 'Bring The Herbs', the Squarepusher-esque drum'n'bass of 'DB8' or the soporific 4/4 of 'Sangria', the music is perfect material for a slick, contemporary soundtrack. Particularly pleasing and fitting then, that there is a bonus DVD with 7 music videos by various Toronto film directors.


Tom Breslin, 11/06

Forgetting To Remember / Kinny & Horne

Kinny & Horne - Forgetting To Remember

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Espen is the producer who previously recorded as Bobby Hughes and on the soundtrack for Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. This beautiful album features vocals by Kinny who is a classically trained opera singer, but her love for reggae and jazz always came first and touring with a reggae band resulted in her visiting Norway and deciding to live there. 'Forgetting To Remember' is the kind of quality production you'd expect from a release on Tru Thoughts, with far too many highlights to mention. Just because a number of the big named djs seem to be missing this, ensure you don't.


Simon Harrison, 05/05

A Frozen Second / Kira Neris

Kira Neris - A Frozen Second

Faces Records

Kira Neris made a big splash with the 2007 release of “Behind closed doors”, sampling jazz standards and arranging them with dance and house flavored grooves. He picks up where he left off with “A frozen second”, another beautiful collection of edited nu-jazz compositions. Kira starts things off with “Judy in June”, a mid-tempo nu-jazz groover that features warm female vocals dancing over a simple yet poignant piano melody. “Shivering Waltz” is aptly named for its dreamy hush like arrangements. “Rush!” is a foot stomping dance floor gem complemented with sampled piano riffs and warm string arrangements. “Damage!” is a futuristic house track with a hypnotic groove and a funky male vocal hook that repeats the verse “take it and do whatcha wanna do”. Kira Neris’s production talents and his affection for various musical genres are evident and a boon for the listener. This is another wonderful release filled with songs that would fit nicely in a club, a lounge or in your living room. Listen and enjoy.


Reg Dancy, 03/10

Behind Closed Doors / Kira Neris

Kira Neris - Behind Closed Doors

Futuristica Music

Even though Myspace gets bad press at times, it is still a great way to get your music out there to the masses and I know that was how Simon S, the man behind Futuristica, found Kira Neris aka Herve Poudoulec. Herve is based in Strasbourg and was brought up musically on radio and had a passion for many styles of music including jazz, rock and house. In 1999 Cinematic Orchestra's "Motion" album was released, which affected us all but caused a radical change in Herve's productions. He has so far compiled a vast library of samples, and "Behind Closed Doors" is the beautiful result of his work. This is simply a stunning album based around exceptional arrangements, samples and beats. This might just be 2007's summer soundtrack.


Simon Harrison, 05/07

Sambatek / Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio - Sambatek

Far Out

On "Sambatek" Kirk DeGiorgio blends his signature techno sounds with Brazilian rhythms and a touch of Detroit techno soul certain to whip dance floors into a frenzy  Among the highlights are "'Morro da Formiga", and Complexo de Alemao" each filled with dark percussive rhythms and pulsating beats. "Prazeres", filled with seductive cosmic rhythms and "Vidigal" are more house flavored tracks but provide definite satisfaction. If that wasn't enough there are some tasty remixes from Detroit's own Rick Wilhite on "Babilinia" and Jonas Kopp on "Borel" just to name a few. By infusing 4/4 beats to these treasured Brazilian compositions, Kirk Degiorgio's first recording for Far Out is a winner.


Reg Dancy, 09/13

Elegant Systems / Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One - Elegant Systems

Versatile Records

Kirk Degiorgio - aka As One - returns after what seems like minutes since his superb 'Out Of The Darkness' album was released on Ubiquity records in October 2004. This album is perfectly suited to Versatile records, and moves more to his deeper electronic sound but still manages to keep soul. Here features some future house classics like 'rumours', 'response ability' and 'this precious life' that would sit along side any Planet E and Underground Resistance release, and those are just the first three tracks.


Simon Harrison, 06/05

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