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Planetary Folklore 2 / Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One - Planetary Folklore 2

Archive Records

Mr. Degiorgio is firing all cylinders at the moment. His amazing Beauty Room project is now in the shops and he's gone back to where I first heard of Kirk, when the first Planetary Folklore album was released on Mo Wax nine years ago. A lot has changed over the years but Kirk has never lost his touch. Volume Two is a beautiful electronica sound with broken beats, orchestral pieces and ambience thrown into the nine tracks. "Irradiant" and "It's all turning blue" are just two tracks that have been going down a storm. Archive were certainly wise to pick up on this gem.


Simon Harrison, 10/06

On My Way / Kon

Kon - On My Way


With his debut, beat maker Kon has produced a collection of soulful dance tracks filled with clever synth arrangements and tasty vocal contributions. It’s clear that Kon has an ear for rhythm and infectious grooves as his compositions effortlessly seep into your body and you’ll find yourself moving instantly. The proof lies in quality tracks like “All Night”, a funky dance tune that features the heavenly vocals of Amy Douglas. In addition she’s also featured on  the house inspired “Blow Me….A Kiss”. There are other notable contributors such as Georg Levin hearty vocals on “Don’t cha Wanna” enhanced by Yuki Kanesaki’s keyboard wizardry.  “Awe Baby” is a heart pumping string laden funky instrumental. Overall “On My Way” is the perfect antidote to jumpstart your next party. This superb record serves notice that Kon is an artist to keep an eye on.


Reg Dancy, 08/13

Koop Islands / Koop

Koop - Koop Islands

Compost Records

Message boards and forums have been generating great excitement and hype for the return of Koop, and "Koop Islands" kicks off where their 2001 album "Waltz for Koop" left off. If there is any slight difference, it's that they've gone further back in time for the influences to the 1930's and 1940's and the days of swing. Bringing these ideas up to date is refreshing and a joy to listen to. Yukimi Nagano is back again on vocals and sounding as amazing as ever on tracks "Come To Me", "I See A Different You" and "Beyond The Son". Rob Gallagher also features and I think it's his best work since the first Earl Zinger productions, and, finally, Norwegian vocalist Ane Brun completes the package perfectly. Oscar has been quoted as saying "We play jazz", and they do that very well.


Simon Harrison, 09/06

Before the Ruin / Kris Drever, John McCusker &amp; Roddy Womble

Kris Drever, John McCusker &amp; Roddy Womble - Before the Ruin


Love this, there’s a nice raw feel to the production so the music and songs can shine centre stage and they do superbly. The feel is folk meets singer songwriter meets subtle rock but it’s the songs and their delivery (Roddy Womble takes most lead vocals) that make this enchanting and moreish. Guests include Norman Blake and Francis MacDonald of Teenage Fanclub, Philip Selway of Radiohead, Heidi Talbot, Donald Shaw of Capercaille, Andy Cutting (BBC folk musician of the year) and Michael McGoldrick. Have a listen to ‘Into The Blue’ or ‘Moments Last Forever’ - magic.


Graham Radley, 10/08

The Dread Of An Unknown Evil / KRTS

KRTS - The Dread Of An Unknown Evil

Project Mooncircle

Brooklyn based producer KRTS (Kurtis Hairston) has teamed up with the Berlin based label Project Mooncircle for his thematic albeit dark full length release.  “The Dread Of An Unknown Evil” is an exploration of moods filled with deep electronic grooves and spacey synths.  Some of the highlights are cosmic house inspired “Close The Closet Door”. “Your Eyes” is heartwarming in an eerie sort of way due in part to the deep enchanting vocals of Stevee Wellons.  “Regret To Retreat” is a light, ethereal mid tempo tune with thick beats. KRTS, known for beat making ability demonstrates on this release that he is equally adept at hypnotic compositions as well.


Reg Dancy, 03/13

Bhangra Latina / Kuljit Bhamra

Kuljit Bhamra - Bhangra Latina

Keda Records

Dubbed as bhangra Latina this is Kuljit Bhamra, top tabla player and the name behind soundtracks like "Bhaji on the Beach", and "Bend it like Beckham",  teaming up with top salsa pianist Alex Wilson. The marriage of styles flows easily and you often forget there’s two very distinct styles merging here, I especially like the opener ‘Pyar Ka Hai Bairi’ with vocals from Sangeeta.


Graham Radley, 08/09

Family Dinner / Kylie Audist

Kylie Audist - Family Dinner


Vocalist Kylie Audist has been a member of the burgeoning soul scene in Melbourne for several years. Whether being a featured vocalist for the raw soul outfit The Bamboos or other musical collectives, her powerful emotive vocals are the driving force behind a number of their funk and soul tunes. On her fourth LP, "Family Dinner" Audist deviates from the customary hard driving rhythms of 60s soul in favor of 80s flavored boogie disco grooves. With the LP produced by Bamboos founder Lance Ferguson you can be certain that the grooves and overall instrumentation is in good hands. Evidence can found on "Sensational" for starters. Kylie's voice roars over a thunderous bass and synth groove. "Waste Of Time" is a mid-tempo tune with a dreamy melody, Kylie shifts to a softer tone and is supported by tasty horns and infectious guitar rhythms. "Rewards" is another winner, a playful swaying Disco tune laced with funky guitar riffs. Loyal fans are used to her brilliance, it's time for everyone to take notice.


Reg Dancy, 08/16

Just Say / Kylie Auldist

Kylie Auldist - Just Say

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Australian born Kylie Auldist first came to my attention from appearing with the Bamboos on their previous release "Rawville". When performing with the Bamboos,  Kylie is clearly part of an ensemble but with her debut CD "Just Say"  she stands out on her own. "Just Say" is a wonderful disc that embraces the formula that reaches back to the golden era of 60's soul music. "Still Into You" is a nice track with a mean groove that features some funky horn play, courtesy of the Bamboos. "Community Service Announcement" is a great record that feels like one of those summertime songs you grooved to in the park with your girlfriend by your side. Kylie shifts gears on "Pretty Things" and creates a nice mid tempo acoustic gem that displays her powerful voice. Kylie succeeds in creating songs that are rich in melodies and despite the old school feel, sounds fresh and current. At just under 50 minutes, it has just the right amount of songs to keep you engaged from start to finish. Kylie is part of the new generation of artists making uncut quality soul music. A real gem.


Reg Dancy, 05/08

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