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Forever Dreaming / Myles Sanko

Myles Sanko - Forever Dreaming

Legere Recordings

London based soul singer Myles Sanko has taken a grass roots approach to launching his career. First by enlisting his fans via the internet to pick their favorite songs, eventually launching his EP "Born In Black And White". Myles has followed up that success with his latest "Forever Dreaming". There's much to savor here as tunes like "Light in My Hand" offer a harmonic convergence of Blues and Soul. The kind of vibe one might hear from a Bill Withers tune, one of Myles influences. "Save My Soul", one of the strongest tunes is a stirring blend of reggae and soul. Sanko's raw emotive vocals, combined with honest and heartfelt lyrics will resonate with fans of raw unfiltered soul.


Reg Dancy, 12/14

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