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Toys Room Combat / 1000 Names

1000 Names - Toys Room Combat

Eklektik Records

Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes, better known as 1000 Names take you on an adventure in experimental breakbeats and instrumental hip-hop on their full length debut, “Toys Room Combat”. The duo has been a favorite of underground artists for their ability to mash up modern day and futuristic hip-hop beats as well as expanding their wizardry on rare undiscovered grooves. Their inventive producing skills are evident on tracks like the funky hip-hop driven “It started as a remix”. “Cloudride” features the rap duo 215 The freshest Kidz and is one of only four tracks with a guest appearance. Other highlights are “Ant on my bottom” and “Simmer down” which features C Mont. The majority of the cuts are barely exceeding three minutes but the idea is not to settle into one groove for too long. If you’re a fan of Madlib or J Dilla then you’ll certainly enjoy this.

Reg Dancy, 12/09