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Next A Set A Rockers / 2000 Black

2000 Black - Next A Set A Rockers

Third-Ear Recordings - Japan

Whenever Dego and Kaidi Tatham get together the results are nothing short of exceptional. Folks may be more familiar with Dego as one half of 4 Hero and Kaidi from his work with Bugz In The Attic. If only we can get them to record together more often. After all,  it has been seven years from the last 2000 Black album. Well all is forgiven now that we have “Next A Set A Rockers”. Dego and Kaidi have once again assembled a collection of soulful broken beat jams filled with warm chords, funky beats and a collection of great vocalists. The disc starts off with the mid tempo “Simple Sacrifice”. The sweet lovely voice of Nadine Charles just glides over Kaidi’s keyboard arrangements and serves as a perfect appetizer to the main course of treats that lie ahead. Kaidi works his magic again on “A Little More”, gorgeous chords and soulful vocals by “Baby”. “Dealt A Bad Hand” features the vocals of the dynamic Vanessa Freeman (Reel People). Rapper Ty closes out the disc with the energetic “Hey There”. With other notable appearances by “Face”, Lady Alma and Rasiyah, this is truly broken soul of the highest quality. If you enjoy the work of 4 Hero, you’ll definitely enjoy this. This isn’t easy to find but certainly worth the effort.

Reg Dancy, 09/08