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Lake / 3TM

3TM - Lake

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Drummer Teppo Makynen one third of 3TM started out with the critically acclaimed "Form". They followed that up with "Abyss" serving as a prelude to their new release "Lake". Tenor sax man Jussi Kannaste and bassist Antti Lotjonen complete the trio. Together they navigate through nine thematic compositions centered around the elements of natural scenery. On the title track Kannaste's soloing is restrained yet ebbs and flows while Makynen's cymbal sound and subtle use of electronics creates an atmospheric landscape. "Suburban Portraits" opens with warped synths that comes and goes while Kannaste soloing navigates through the ambient terrain. There's little use for fireworks here, rather everyone simply surrenders to the needs of the song and in this case that's more than enough. Makynen has compose a compelling piece of work here that's pure bliss from start to finish.

Reg Dancy, 01/20