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Farmarama / A Man Called Adam

A Man Called Adam - Farmarama

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Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones better known as A Man Called Adam return with their long awaited new release entitled "Farmarama". Like their previous releases "The Apple" and "Duende" their compositions embrace the Balearic sound we've come to expect from them. Their passion for an assortment of genres from disco to pop and house come into play here with impressive results. Evidence lies in the opener "Mountains and Waterfalls". This tropical dance track is filled with catchy loops and samples layered over an infectious percussion and horn riffs. The title track is a post-disco boogie tune with a thumping bass groove and a melody to lose yourself in. "Paul Valery at the Disco" features futuristic synths wrapped around a hypnotic groove that's bound to take you on a psychedelic trip. An engaging record that's filled with blissful as well as reflective moments. Rodgers and Jones emotive beats and rhythms will keep your head nodding from one track to the next.

Reg Dancy, 02/19