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Jazz Is Dead / Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Mohammad

Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Mohammad - Jazz Is Dead

Jazz Is Dead

"Jazz Is Dead" is the brainchild of Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Their previous release was the self titled "Midnight Hour" from 2018 and this release follows the same formula. That is an organic collection of jazz funk session recordings backed by their own rhythm section. Fronting these sessions are a number of legendary musicians certain to elevate any recording. "Hey Lover" is mid-tempo jazz funk with a hypnotic drum snare beat that features the signature voice of Roy Ayers. "Apocaliptico" is psychedelic jazz rock from Asymuth that’s reminiscent of their late seventies catalog. “Nao Sala Da Praca” is filled with warm samba rhythms enhanced by the vocals of Brazilian icon Marcos Valle. With notable appearances from Gary Bartz, Doug Carn and Joao Donato, rest assured these compositions live up to the hype. Where “The Midnight Hour” featured twenty tracks this release has just eight but in this case less is certainly more. Clearly the time spent digging through the crates and tapes of seventies hidden gems has paid off. A terrific collection of authentic soul, jazz and Brazilian compositions that you shouldn’t miss.

Reg Dancy, 06/20