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Dialectic Soul / Asher Gamedze

Asher Gamedze - Dialectic Soul

On The Corner

"Dialectic Soul" is the debut from drummer Asher Gamedze. The Cape Town, South African resident garnered much attention when he appeared on Angel Bat Dawid's album "The Oracle" last year. From the first note on the fiery "State Of Emergence" you're immediately pulled into Gamedze's consciouseness. Gamedze's intense drumming dynamics set the tone for Buddy Wells wailing Tenor that echoes the people's voices rising up to oppression. "Slyabulela" strikes a softer tone with Nono Nkoane's soothing vocals filled with poignant lyrics gliding on top of Wells and Robin Fassie-Kock's melodic trumpet. "Eternally" is pure fire with bassist Thembinkosi Mavimbela's thunderous bass rhythms keeping everyone on top of their game. Gamedze's pulsating cymbals heighten the intensity and create a canvas for Wells and Fassie-Kock to swing. This triumphant debut is about reclaiming the soul of all fellow human beings during these trying times. Gamedze taps into the spirit of Coltrane as well as the activism of Miriam Mabeka and the result is a collection of exceptional compositions that inspires hope for all of us. What a recording. You need this as much as any recording you'll purchase this year.

Reg Dancy, 10/20