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High With A Little Help From / Carlos Nino & Friends

Carlos Nino & Friends - High With A Little Help From

Kindred Spirits

Carlos Nino's latest project is an ambient peaceful journey through spiritual music that will undoubtedly ease your mind and heal your soul. Carlos has always been about spreading love and happiness and this project is no exception. Carlos friends assist on all tracks here. The disc begins with the terrific “Thursday August 9 2007”, a warm rhythmic tune that starts out with a hypnotic flute solo. Another highlight is “Friends featuring the Oasis of Pe”. This is the only track with vocals and they only appear at the beginning but the distinctive voice of Dwight Tribble is always a treat to hear. “9 Moons full” experiments with layers of percussion and afterwards you’re serenaded by the soothing sounds of the sea. Once again Carlos Nino enriches us with a brilliant record that explores different musical moods. Clearly he is carrying the torch from legends like Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane by creating music to heal and inspire everyone. Treat yourself to a rewarding spiritual experience.

Reg Dancy, 04/09