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Step Like a Giant / Cecilia Stalin

Cecilia Stalin - Step Like a Giant

On her latest release, Cecilia takes us on her spiritual journey and rest assured this is a ride worthy of repeated trips. “Step like A Giant” is a fabulous record that meshes elements of jazz, soul and dance while capturing the essence of several Coltrane classics and much more. There are many highlights worthy of repeated listens such as the title track, a funky spinoff of the timeless “Giants Steps”. On “Favorite Things” Cecilia flips the bebop classic into a Samba flavored tune filled with enticing rhythms and infectious grooves while turning up the heat with a sensuous rendition on “Favorite Seduction”. On “My Naima”, rapper Replife skillfully waxes poetic and serves as the perfect complement to Cecilia’s angelic vocals while molding this gem in her own image. The tempo picks up in the latter part of the disc with infectious dance tracks like “One” filled with percolating percussion and “CPW”. Quite simply a first rate release that nails it in all areas and will be one of the best records you’ll hear this year.

Reg Dancy, 03/12