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Birds / Da-Lata

Da-Lata - Birds

Kartel Music Group

"Birds", the fourth lp from London collective Da-Lata is destined to warm your soul with warm tropical Brazilian vibes. Originally formed in 1988 by Christian Franck and Patrick Forge, "Birds" is mainly Franck's project with a few long time contributors along for the ride. Among the highlights are the aptly titled "Sway", a blissful Afro-Brazilian tune laced with sparkling percussion and guitar rhythms plus soothing vocals from Vanessa Freeman. "Memory Man" simmers with warm Bossa Nova rhythms and the soulful vocals of Syren Rivers. "To B" is a stripped down acoustic tune with Franck on guitar and warm vocal melodies once again from Freeman. "Thunder Of Silence" is an up-tempo number with an irresistible groove and a funky horn section that features the unmistakable vocals of Bembe Segue. Ten tracks that will sink into your body and fill you up with good musical feelings, "Birds" is a gorgeous recording that shouldn't be missed.

Reg Dancy, 12/19