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Toeachizown / Dam Funk

Dam Funk - Toeachizown

Stones Throw Records

After sprinkling several singles over the past year, LA’s Dam Funk releases his much anticipated debut “Toeachizown”. Dam Funk has crafted a funk album that features 80’s synth arrangements reminiscent of pioneers like Zapp, Cameo and a little touch of Prince. The difference is that he has successfully composed his own signature modern funk sound that he can call his own. “Toeachizown” takes on many different moods, from earthy mid-tempo grooves to up-tempo in your face funk. There’s many tracks to savor such as the ambient “Come on Outside” which displays his wizardry with drum programming. “Brookside Park” is a near 10 minute instrumental that would be the perfect leisurely drive jam on a lazy afternoon. “Searchin’ 4 funk’s future” gives a nod to Dam’s love house music. Just imagine Mr Fingers laying down some G-funk and this might be the result. Like past funkateers before him, Dam Funk also proves to be a very capable balladeer, as evidenced on the track “I wanna thank you for”. Overall, “Toeachizown” succeeds by revitalizing a piece of the boogie funk grooves of the past and making it sound relevant today. This is very enjoyable and refreshing debut by an artist poised to make a lot of noise in 2010.

Reg Dancy, 03/10