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Highlands / Damon Aaron

Damon Aaron - Highlands

Ubiquity Records

Los Angeles based Damon Aaron’s debut “Highlands is a dreamy collection of folksy soul tunes that is sure to put you in a melancholy mood. Damon’s lyrics reflect on life, love and the relationships he has experienced over an acoustic guitar, bluesy chords and lazy hip hop beats. Damon doesn’t have an overpowering voice but his light laidback tone suits the melodic compositions like “Floating” and “Firstlove” perfectly. These songs feature hypnotic electric guitar riffs against a backdrop of spaced out synths. “Clouds” starts out with a nice reggae flavored beat before settling into a lighthearted acoustic folk gem with well placed horns. As much as Damon’s vocals shine here, his skills as a songwriter and sole producer of this project transforms it into a sublime electronic utopia. After working behind the scenes for many years, “Highlands” is a nice coming out party for this multi-talented artist.

Reg Dancy, 12/08