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Small Moments / Dan Kye

Dan Kye - Small Moments

Rhythm Section International

We're thrilled to see the return of Jordan Rakei's alter ego, Dan Kye. With Kye it's a return to the funky dance floor persona we couldn't get enough of with the 2014 debut "Joy, Ease, Lightness". With "Small Moments" he picks up where he left off and he hasn't missed a beat. Rakei came up with these compositions during the pandemic. This thumping eight track floor burner could be the perfect boost for any anxiety you may be experiencing. The momentum building beats of "Mogen" sets the table for Rakei's soft feathered vocals layered over warm chords. "Sober" is another winner heightened by Sheldon Agwu's percolating guitar rhythms. Rakei's proficiency with electronics and arrangements shines through on the instrumental banger "Focus". The combination of deep grooves, good vibes and Rakei's swaying falsetto will be irresistible to ignore. Quite a gap between releasesbut "Small Moments" is definitely worth the wait.

Reg Dancy, 01/21